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Who We Are

Tanoshiicon is an all-encompassing, multi-genre convention that caters to the tastes shared by fans of all kinds, from fandoms and groups of all sorts ranging from comic book connoisseurs to Whovians, from Gamer Grumps to anime fanatics, steampunks to lolitas and everything in between, we will have something for everyone! It will be open to the public and held at West Chester University on Saturday April 25, 2015. A safe college town with old world charm, great for photography and perfectly safe to walk the streets at all times. 

Architecture junkie? Cosplayer or photographer? Perfect! We have a castle and several other gorgeous buildings that you can take pictures in front of! Events will include panels, workshops and anything you want to bring to the table, literally. We’ll have 2 game rooms, 1 for video games and tournaments and the other for board and card games. By separating the video games from the others, it ensures you a more quiet and relaxed atmosphere for your gaming pleasure. There are plenty of places for you to eat, sit and rest (which we consider very important), plus we are wheelchair accessible, have several gender neutral bathrooms and have designated outdoor smoking areas. Everybody is kept in mind! 

Cosplay is encouraged and welcomed. There will be an artist alley/dealer’s room, a theater for viewing anime and movies, and even a burlesque tea party! If you want it, send us a message and we’ll endeavor to make your wish a reality.

If you have any questions or suggestions (and please, give us your opinions!) then send us a message (or many messages) on our Facebook page. We look forward to hearing from you and we hope to see you in April 2015!!! Have a ‘Tanoshii’ time!

(Tanoshii = fun, by the way) 

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