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***We would like to take this time to thank Katsucon for having such a great setup. We have borrowed some of their rules because they are so good. Thanks, guys. We wanted to give you credit where it is due.***


  • Tanoshiicon has no restriction on photography using hand held equipment. Our only concern is that such activities not impair the flow of foot traffic through convention spaces.

  • However, photography requiring dedicated floor space and/or free standing equipment to include lighting or other electronics in convention spaces must be requested and granted from the convention’s leadership in advance.

  • This will ensure that sufficient and safe space is available prior to any photo shoots. If sufficient space is not available, Tanoshiicon will suggest convention provided areas for such photographic actives.

  • Professional photography outside of convention is outside the control of Tanoshiicon and as such would be subject to the rules and provisions of the local authorities themselves.


By attending Tanoshiicon, you will be subject to the following agreement:

I, [your name] have been made aware that Tanoshiicon is being filmed by our own film staff. I automatically agree that either I will make the film crew aware if I do not wish to be filmed OR I automatically agree to be filmed and am giving permission to Tanoshiicon, and anyone affiliated to use the footage without compensation or acknowledgement. Camera operators can be approached at any time with any questions or concerns.

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