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2014 Kickstarter Contributors

When we first began the long process of creating Tanoshiicon 2014, we had out work cut out for us. Not only did we have to go through finding vendors, making the websites and maintaining them, getting panelists, wonderful guests, collaborate with others conventions, organizations and people from all over the country....but we also had zero budget as well.

In order to make Tanoshiicon become a living breathing creature, we needed the green! Well, these folks are the ones who found us on Kickstarter and helped us turn that dream into a reality! Give them a round of applause and a big hug if you happen to make their acquaintance at Tanoshiicon.

Thank you so much, guys! You helped us make it happen in 2014.

Special Thanks To Our Blacksmith Level Vendors ($150)

School of World
Kelsey Sunday (Whinges)
Megan Denton

The Master Swordsman ($125)

The Swordsman ($75)

Troy Whitmoyer

Gwendolyn King

Patrick Farabaugh

The Trainer ($50)

The Mayor ($20)

Richard Mottern
Tom Boutell

James Glass
Tyler Anthony Romeo
Sarah Storms
Milan Roberson
Sara Ruppert

The Villager ($10)

The Axolotl ($5)

Marc Tarrington

Chris Volcheck

Breanna Leeds

Rachel Ferenz

Kathleen Kelly

Katerina Schurek


Stan Hwang

Nicole Costa

Sarah Kentworthy


Ross Leiser

Anna Brown

Eric Petrucelli


Sara and Brad

Kelsey Pontz

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