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Ad and Table Swaps

Say you are the bold proprietor of a new geeky event or a seasoned veteran who has been on the board of an established convention for some time now. You want to get out the word of your event as much as possible, right? The issue can often be 'Gee, how can I better advertise to my targeted audience?' Facebook and social networking alone aren't always enough, and as all of us con-goers know, cons are expensive with the travel, lodgings, food, admission fees (even with the early-birds they add up), etcetera. Throw on top of that that the advertising spaces that you'll have to pay fees for to get a space in a convention, then the extra staff you'll need. Now multiply that by the number of conventions/events you want to be seen at. Once all those numbers are done being crunched it typically amounts to 'Jinkies, that's a lot of cash!'

But it has been in our experience that, as enthusiasts who all strive for the same goal (to spread the con love, of course!), we are all willing to help each other out. Here at Tanoshiicon we strive to do just that!

Table swaps are a fantastic method of cross-promotion that can get your your convention or event more publicized, but without the typical high costs. The process is really quite simple. Two events collaborate and discuss an agreeable trade of advertisement space in their event (i.e. both events provide each other a table and an equal amount of free admissions for additional table staff). Many typically give a dealer room table, but Tanoshiicon has it's own cross-promotion section just for those of you doing cross-promotions with us, and it's right in our main lobby so you can't help but be seen!

Does this idea interest you? We certainly hope so and would love to hear from all of our fellow event coordinators!

All you have to do is fill out a form below (we like them for our records) and e-mail it in to tanoshiicon@gmail.com to let us know that you are interested. It's as easy as that! Don't tarry, fill out a form today and become a friend and collaborator with Tanoshiicon!

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