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Prop/Weapons Policy

To ensure the general safety of Tanoshiicon’s attendees, we can’t allow people to carry the following types of weapons or props:

1.) Live steel of any kind including knives, swords, axes, martial arts equipment, shurikens, etc.

2.) Any other type of bladed weapon.

3.) Any weapon/prop that can currently, or could in the past, shoot a projectile (“projectile” includes water, aerosols/sprays, Airsoft guns with/without ammo or air, toy bows, etc.)

4.) Anything generally awkward to carry, or that can’t be controlled by the person carrying (i.e., it is so heavy, you are consistently dropping it in the hallway, or cannot keep it from swinging into other attendees). Tanoshiicon staff will be the final determinant as to whether something is too awkward or too dangerous to be carried around the convention.

5.) Any item that is deemed to be too awkward or dangerous to carry must either be taken to the attendee’s hotel room, car, or checked with the hotel bag check, or otherwise removed from the active areas of the convention.

6.) No props greater than 7 feet in height will be permitted. We need them to be able to fit through the doors and we don’t need people getting hit by them, be it accidental or not. If you have a flag on a flagpole, check the height of the pole.

7.) If you have a flag as a prop, treat it respectfully. Here at Tanoshiicon we do not tolerate disrespecting anybody, and that includes other countries, and by default, their flags. If you have a flag that you are using as a prop, treat it respectfully. Do not wear it as a garment of any type (sash, cape, etc.), do not let it drag across the floor, and for goodness sake, do not draw on it. A flag is a symbol of a country’s history and what they stand for. Please show every country proper respect by NOT defacing their flag.

Dress Code

All Attendees must have their private areas (i.e. genitalia, nipples, buttocks) covered at all times. Remember, nothing less than what you could legally wear to a public pool.

Material must extend at least one (1) inch above the nipple and below/to the sides of the breast, and at least one (1) inch above the pubic area and below the crotch/buttocks. This coverage must remain in place while moving/bending/posing/etc., so if your cosplay (or street clothes) rides up/down, please extend it, find a way to secure it, or wear something under it.

Shirt coverings must be worn at all times, by both sexes. Mesh shirts are allowed if they provide the require coverage of sensitive areas.

Tape over the nipples will not suffice.

Capes will not be accepted in place of shirts – if you’re wearing one, please wear a shirt underneath.

***The only exception to these rules will apply to certain pre-determined 18+ panels, and only performers are permitted to breach any rules. All non-performing patrons must abide by the dress code at all times.***

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