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Attendee Policies

Remember that school rules apply to all events here at Tanoshiicon, no questions asked. School rules are in conjunction with Tanoshiicon's policies. Inability to comply with the rules can result in immediate dismissal from the event with or without warning and without a refund. Our rules are simple and reasonable, so just follow them, please.


All patrons who attend Tanoshiicon acknowledge and agree to the rules, terms and conditions hereby put in place for the convention, understand that Tanoshiicon, West Chester University and their staff, volunteers and employees are not liable for any injuries, lost or damaged items, etc. and are free from all liabilities, etc. To gain access to this convention and all of its events you must agree to our rules and terms, present a valid photo ID card (at time of entry) and pay the admisson fee. The rules found here on this main page apply to all patrons at the convention, students, volunteers, guests or otherwise.

Tanoshiicon reserves the right to refuse admission and services to any individual and to eject persons from the event locations. We do not discriminate based on ethnic background/skin colour, sexual preference, gender orientation, special needs, etc. Persons from all walks of life are welcome at our event.

1.) Any forms not bearing a VALID signature are considered null and will not be considered. 

2.) No weapons (unless you have proper authorization). This includes live steel weapons, air soft guns, real firearms, archery sets, spears, etc. That goes for smoke bombs too. You can be ninjas and shinobi outside, but people have allergies and we don’t need anybody choking on your smoke bomb clouds.

3.) You are not permitted to sell or distribute food, beverages or any other kind of merchandise unless you have proper authorization from Tanoshiicon. This is for legal reasons as well as the health and safety of all patrons. We have a dining area and maid cafes. There are plenty of legally licensed places for food to be obtained from.

4.) Children under 15 must have adult supervision. Anybody older is obviously exempt from this rule and you will be viewed as adults.

5.) You MUST have a badge and photo ID on your person at all times. Lack of compliance will ultimately result in your removal from the event. We ask for a valid state ID (passports and other forms of photo ID with age are also allowed) just the same as every other con. We have to be able to verify your legal age.

6.) No destruction or defacing of school property will be tolerated. If you are caught vandalizing any school property you can and will be charged any given amount to replace/repair the damages incurred by the school.

7.) No bullying or harrassment of any kind will be tolerated. Harassment is defined as derogatory comments (in either the written or spoken form), stalking, aggressive behavior, unnecessary intentional physical blocking of others, or altercations of any sort, be they verbal or physical. If you are seen harassing WCU students, other patrons, destroying their props/costumes/etc. you will promptly be dismissed and possibly face fines for any damages that were incurred by the person(s) you were harassing. If you believe you have been a victim of harassment, please find Tanoshiicon security as soon as it occurs. Please present details in a calm and concise manner. If you feel your safety is at risk, we want to know about it and stop it before it affects more people.

8.) No full nudity. In short, do not be an exhibitionist. Do not come clad in anything less than what you can legally wear to a public swimming pool.  

9.) Do not harm the local wildlife including the flora AND fauna (plants and animals). In other words, don’t throw rocks at birds, squirrels or any other non-human creature, no not carve names into trees or break their branches, etc. Just be kind to Mother Nature.

10.) No smoking inside the convention spaces. There are designated smoking areas outside, so please use them. The only exception is the vapor cigarettes.

11.) NO LITTERING. The last thing we want is for trash and cigarette butts to be lying everywhere all over the campus. It’s not only gross, but people pay to live on a nice clean campus. Just be respectful and use a proper trash/recycling receptacle. They’re here for your use. If we catch you littering/defacing property there will be consequences up to and including fines, legal action, and being escorted off of the premises.

12.) No alcohol or other illegal substances in the convention area or on the school premises will be allowed. Yes, even if you’re 21, you’re not allowed to drink on the school campus.

13.) Only eat in the dining areas, please. It will help us keep things clean.

14.) KEEP THE BATHROOMS CLEAN. This means no paper towels on the floors around the garbage cans, no toilet paper over the ground around the toilets, and please, PLEASE clean the seats if you make a mess. Also, WASH YOUR HANDS. Seriously. WASH THEM. Nobody else wants your germs. Use tissues, not your hands. We also have hand-sanitizer stations throughout the convention space. They're there for your convenience.

15.) Be mindful of your volume level. Lots of panels will be happening around you and you don’t want to disturb anybody. We are a small convention space and the last thing we want is to get into trouble and not be allowed to have con anymore because we were too loud. That’s no fun for anyone!

16.) Non-WCU residents, do not try to gain access to the dorms, especially if you don’t know anybody who lives there. People live here and study here. We do not wish to disturb them, as that could get you into trouble, the con into trouble, and then the event may not be able to happen again. If you wish to see the campus, that is ok, but please do not disturb the residents, maintain a normal volume level (don’t scream and yell incessantly), and DON’T TRY TO TOUR THE DORMS. If you know somebody who lives in the dorms and they choose to let you in, that’s ok, but don’t try to sneak in anywhere.

17.) The computer lounge on the 3rd floor of Sykes student union is off limits to non-WCU students. You can’t even access the internet on these computers without a username and password, so don’t even try. Do not touch the printers and other equipment in the lounges either, and if there are non-con attending students in the lounge using the internet, do not harass them. The computer lounge is 100%, indisputably OFF LIMITS to non-students!!! Also, don’t move the furniture around up there. PLEASE.

18.) If a staff member or security guard asks you to stop doing something, please listen to them. We have a good reason for the things we do, namely, to prevent anybody from getting into trouble. The staff of Tanoshiicon reserve the rights to have any con-goer removed from the convention if they are partaking in any behaviour considered harmful or dangerous to themselves or those around them. You may be removed with or without warning. We try to be lenient and understanding, but don't abuse our tolerance or good nature because we will not hesitate to kick you to the curb if you cause problems at our event.

19) Any and all events contained within Tanoshiicon must have prior approval from the convention. What this means is that you may not host your own events within the convention unless you have prior authorization to do so. (i.e. No hosting unapproved panels, tournaments, etc.) Photoshoots, however, may be organized and reserved in certain locations throughout the convention, so long as hall traffic and corridors are not obstructed. We want you to be able to take great photos and preserve your memories here. 

20.) Do not block and ramps or deny access to the elevators to those in wheelchairs

21.) We have a food court area that will be open for your use. Please be respectful of the staff and keep the dining areas clean. CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELVES. We’re big kids here. There are trash cans and recycling bins lining the dining hall, as well as hand sanitizer units on the walls. USE THEM! (There are also food trucks that line the streets that range from Korean food to bratwurst to hamburgers. They too are availngable for your enjoyment. We promise, none shall go hungry.)

22.) Photoshoots will be allowed under the circumstances that they do not interfere with the flow of people through the convention space. We have a lovely school with many nifty places for a photoshoot (including Asplundh), so don’t hesitate to contact us with inquiries and requests.

23.) Understand that you may be photographed while in or near the convention space and that, by purchasing admission and taking part of the events held at this convention, you have no qualms and take no issue with such photographing taking place and that all convention staff, their patrons and all other third parties are free of any liabilities or consequences for having taken said photographs. Lots of people take pictures at these events. It’s just part of the fun.

24.) Understand that not everything here is ‘family friendly’. There will be panels that will require you to present a photo ID to prove that you are at least 18 years of age or older. This is a college campus so it is only natural that some of the content will not be suitable for minors (i.e. language, adult humour, etc.). Failure to present a photo ID at the entrance of an 18+ panel or workshop will result in you being denied entrance to said particular event. However, there will be family friendly workshops, panels and events for all ages to enjoy. We just want you to be aware that this event encompasses a broad variety of interests and people. Please respect everybody in attendance at this event and their opinions. Remember, if you don’t like a particular event/panel/etc. you are not obligated to go to it. Don’t go where you won’t like the content and everyone will be happy.

25.) Feel free to explore the surrounding area, but PLEASE MIND YOUR MANNERS. We would like to keep the school and our clubs in good standing with the community, so please be respectful and exercise caution with your behaviour and cosplay (especially if they're reproduction military uniforms or something revealing). Be mindful of the fact that many people are not accustomed to cosplayers and may be taken aback. We hope to bring a positive image to the cosplay community with this convention, so kindly help us out.

26.) If you have a concern or a question, do not hesitate to ask one of our staff members. We will be more than enthralled to assist you.

27.)  Tanoshiicon and West Chester University are not responsible for missing items. Any bag(s) or other item left unattended around the convention space will likely be picked up by either a staffer or another attendee and be taken to Lost and Found. The item may be turned over to the police if deemed necessary.

28.) Have a fantastically fun time! Like we said, “Tanoshii” means ‘fun’! It’s what we want everybody to have! Oh, and give us suggestions for next year! We want nothing more than to hear from you, especially if you have something good to report! It’s nice to hear about the good things that happen and not just the negatives. Give us your feedback, guys! We would greatly appreciate it. =3 Have a Tanoshii time!

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