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What You Will Need to Know

The Vendor Form is located at the bottom of the page. We ask that you please read through our list of rules before downloading the Vendor Form.

The Vending Room is a traditional part of conventions and they’re always a delight to have. We have a few rules in place to keep it pleasurable for both the vendors and customers alike. We want to make this the best possible experience for all parties involved, so if you do your part and follow the rules, we’ll do our best to make it as great a time as you'd hope for.

Special Note: This room is for "artists" and "dealers" alike.

We require a valid signature on ALL FORMS. To send them via e-mail, you simply print out the document, sign it, then scan or take a photo of the contract, upload it and attach it to an e-mail. Please email the form to tanoshiicon@gmail.com. We hope that that clears things up!

Vendor Table Fee Deadlines
Cost for Table Spaces:


  • Only registered artisan vendors who have submitted their forms and payments by the deadline will be permitted to sell their goods at the convention. If you do not pay the table reservation fee and submit all necessary paperwork by the deadlines stated, you will not be considered for a table in the vendor’s room.

  • You must have your forms and payments submitted to us for approval no later than December 1, 2014. If you miss the deadline for a payment, too bad, so sad. We accept cash, personal check, and Paypal under some circumstances.

  • You must clearly state on the form each different type of item you will be selling. For example, if you fill out your form stating that you are selling hats, plushies and jewelry at your table, we better not come by and find you primarily selling yaoi doujinshi. Be honest with us. 

  •    Tanoshiicon and its staff reserve the right to ask you to remove any items from your booth at any given time, including but not limited to- unapproved items, symbols you do not have the rights to, offensive material displayed poorly (keep the graphic doujinshi stored tactfully, please.) We want everyone to have a great time and feel comfortable.

  • No live steel weapons are permitted to be sold at (or even brought to) Tanoshiicon.

  • The $30 table space fee includes 1 free Admission pass with the purchase. After November 1st, the $50 price comes with 2 admission passes with purchase. Tables non-refundable.

  • You will be responsible for providing your own staff, displays and setting up on your own. We will provide you with your vending table and a chair to sit on, but nothing more. You are responsible for everything else that you will require. Your staff will also be required to purchase general admissions to gain access to the event (certain exemptions apply).

  • Any additional staff you bring must also purchase general admission and fill out proper paperwork.

  • The designated hours of the Vendor’s Room will be posted as 10 AM – 7 PM. The building that the con is in opens at 8 AM, but the con itself will not be open until 9 AM. Setup will be between the hours of 8:30 and 10:00 AM. You may arrive and setup anytime during that time frame. There will be no refunds for no-shows and people who arrive past the setup deadline.

  • Tanoshiicon and its staff are not responsible for covering the costs of your displays/supplies, etc. You are responsible for purchasing all the necessary items, textiles, etc. required for your vending table(s). Bear in mind that any items you need purchased for your vending table are in addition to the initial table reservation fee.

  • All vendors are responsible for their staff and their behavior.

  • Any forms not bearing a valid signature are considered null and will not be considered.

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